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Sparkbrook Ward

The Sparkbrook Ward falls within the Hall Green District.

For advice on applying for Community Chest Funding and application forms for funding please contact Hall Green District Office direct on 0121 675 9000 or email hallgreendistrict@birmingham.gov.uk.

Sparkbrook Neighbourhood Office is located with in Sparkbrook Community and Health Centre building 34 Grantham Road, Sparkbrook, B11 1LU.

For demographic information about the people who live in this Ward, take a look at our population and census pages

The Balti Triangle

Canals, Cadbury's, cars and jewellery have long been synonymous with Birmingham, but undoubtedly Balti is now equally part of Birmingham's tradition - even its balti bowls are made in the city.

There are now around 50 balti houses in the 'Balti Triangle' area, and their beneficial effect is reflected as the townscape and other facilities are improved to welcome the growing number of visitors. The area's current restaurant turnover is estimated at in excess of £7m.

Balti is vital to the area in terms of employment and use of local suppliers - a typical balti house can use 2,000 kg of cooking onions and 300kg of chicken breast in a week. Many staff work locally, and their spending power also adds to the local economy.

Balti owes its introduction to Birmingham's largest Pakistani and Kashmiri communities, who brought it to Birmingham in the mid-1970s through cafe style restaurants - the traditional glass topped tables beloved by balti purists are still in evidence in some of the area's balti houses.

Balti chef with pan

Balti now appears in the Oxford Dictionary! It means 'bucket', but is, in fact, a flat-bottomed wok. Fresh ingredients and a tantalising combination of spices are fast cooked over a high flame. It is then served up sizzling in the balti usually with a naan (bread made with special flour, yeast, eggs, milk and sugar baked in a tandoori oven). You will not be ostracised if you use cutlery, but your average local balti goer is definitely a gold medallist in naan dipping. Birmingham's balti houses are also famous for their giant naans that can literally cover a table.

Legend surrounds the origin of balti. It is thought to have been a convenient method of cooking for mountain tribesmen. There is even a place called Baltistan inhabited by an ancient tribe called the Baltis. Did they invent the balti? Did they wear balti bowls instead of helmets when at war? It doesn't really matter, because balti has well and truly arrived in Britain, and Birmingham is where it all began - and where, quite naturally, the best baltis can be found!

(source: Marketing Birmingham. Photos courtesy of Marketing Birmingham)

Public Transport

The following buses run through the Sparkbrook Ward from Birmingham city centre:

2, 5, 6, 12, 31, 37, 41

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