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Placement Strategy for Schools and Settings to offer Full-time Early Education Places

Type of Setting

Children that are identified as eligible to access a full-time early education place will be able to do so in a local authority nursery school, a nursery class within a primary school or a Private, Voluntary and Independent (PVI) nursery provider.

Quality of School/Setting

In order for schools and PVI providers to be able to offer a full-time early education place to an eligible child, they must meet the criteria agreed by Birmingham City Council. This is to ensure that the most vulnerable children benefit from high quality places, as research has proven it is the quality of the provision that makes the biggest difference to a child’s outcomes.

Eligible children will be able to access a full-time early education place within schools/settings:-

  • that have achieved a Good or Outstanding (Grade 1 or 2) Ofsted outcome. For primary schools this will be the rating given for the Early Years Foundation Stage.
  • that have a comprehensive training and performance plan that is consistent for staff at all levels. 1 Qualified Teacher, Early Years Teacher (previously Early Years Professional (EYP) or Graduate holding a full and appropriate Early Years Degree e.g. Early Years Childhood Studies BA (Hons), Early Years: Education & Leadership in Practice BA(Hons). (Childminders should be able to demonstrate how this support is accessed where the childminder themselves does not meet this criteria.)
  • Where the leadership team of the school/setting demonstrate an ability to plan strategically and review and monitor short and long term targets. The school/setting should have a good record of staff retention. The Ofsted rating for leadership and management must be Good or Outstanding (Grade 1 or 2).
  • that have a robust SEND policy and commitment to implementing this holistically. (This should cover EYFS PSED/personal independence/communication/behaviour or toileting needs.)

Schools and PVI settings that do not meet these quality criteria will not be able to offer a full-time place. If children meeting the criteria for a full-time place are identified during the admissions process, they should be signposted to the Early Years, Childcare and Children’s Centres team by email oneycc@birmingham.gov.uk so that appropriate arrangements can be made. A part-time place can still be offered.