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Equalities - Useful Sites

This page provides a list of useful sites relevant to equalities.

Site Name

Web Address

Age - Old People

Age Concern

Age Positive

Help the Aged

Age - Young People

British Youth Council

National Youth Organisation

Youth Council



BCODP - British Council of Disabled People

Choices and Rights Disability Coalition

DeafBlind UK

Disability Government UK

Disability Net

Disability Resource Centre (Birmingham)

Disability Rights Commission

European Disability Forum

Government Disability Site

International Day of Disabled People


Royal National Institute for the Blind

Royal National Institute for Deaf



Fawcett Society

Gender Trust

International Center for Research on Women

Women and Equality Unit

Women's National Commission

Lesbian, Gay and Bi-sexual

Birmingham LGBT

Birmingham Pride Festival

Gay Youth UK

Gender Matters




Birmingham Race Action Partnership

Black Britain

Black History Month

Black Information Link


CARF Features

Channel 4 Black & Asian History Map

Commission for Racial Equality

Gypsy Traveller

Immigration and Nationality Directorate

Irish Welfare and Inormation Centre

National Black Women's Network

Race Equality West Midlands

Refugee Council

Welcome to Black Britain


Audit Commission

British Council

Department for Education and Skills

Equality and Human Rights Commission

Information for Local Government from Central Government

Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Local Government Association

Local Government Information Unit

National Statistics Office

Personnel Today

The sites listed on this page should not be seen as being endorsed by Birmingham City Council.