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Birmingham City Council

Register Of Electors

To vote in an election, an individual's name must be on the Register of Electors.

How to add your name to the Register depends on the time of year you apply.


A canvass of households is conducted every autumn to improve the accuracy of the Register. An updated Register is then published on 1 December.

In late August, a Household Registration Form (or "canvass form") is sent to every household in Birmingham. Printed on this form are the names of those people currently registered to vote at each property.


If you wish to add or remove a name from the Register you must make your change on the form, then sign it and send it back to us.

If all the details are the same, you can REGISTER BY FREEPHONE, ON THE INTERNET or by TEXT MESSAGE (SMS). BUT! You can only register by phone, online or text message if all the household members are British, Irish or other Commonwealth citizens, and there are no changes other than excluding household members from the Edited Register. You will need the security code printed on your household registration form to do this. If you register this way, there is no need to send the form back to us.

For more information, please select the link below "How do I register during August - November?"


Once the Register is published on 1 December, you can only apply to have your name included by completing a Voter Registration Form. This form is used to register individuals rather than whole households.

The Register is updated every month between December and August. Although the dates vary, if you return your form to us during the first half of a month your name will be added the Register at the start of the following month.

Please select the link below "What if my name is not on the December published register ....", and you will find a downloadable Voter Registration Form, details on how to complete it and the timetable for returning forms.

You can contact us:

By visiting the office - Elections Office, 2nd Floor, 150 Great Charles Street, Birmingham B3 3HS
By Phone - 0121 303 2731
By Fax - 0121 212 1065
By e-mail - elections@birmingham.gov.uk