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Birmingham Development Plan - Evidence Base

Birmingham Development Plan

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In order to pull together the policies contained in the Birmingham Development Plan (BDP), a number of studies were undertaken to establish currently levels and provision of various uses across the city.

Below are the documents which form the 'evidence base' for the BDP and links to other associated documents referred to in the plan.

Planning for Growth

Sustainability Appraisals and Habitat Assessments

Spatial Delivery of Growth

Environment & Sustainability

Waste Capacity Study (2010)

Total Waste Strategy (2011)

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (2012)

Leisure Study (2004)

Green Living Spaces (2013)

Climate Change Action Plan 2010+ (2012)

Climate Change Adaption Plan 2012+ (2012)

Sustainable Energy Action Plan (2005)

Green Commission's Vision Statement (2013)

Carbon Plan Analysis (2013)

Technical Paper 1 - Carbon Dioxide Emissions Target Baseline (2013)

Technical Paper 2 - National Contribution to Local Carbon Reduction (2013)

Birmingham & Black Country Biodiversity Action Plan (2010)

Economy & Network of Centres

Employment Land Review (2012)

Employment Land Study for the Economic Zones and Key Sectors in Birmingham (2012)

Employment Land & Office Targets Study (2013)

Retail Needs Assessment (2009)

Retail Needs Assessment Update (2013)

City Centre Retail Assessment (2013)

Homes and Neighbourhoods

Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) (2013)

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) (2013)

Joint Gypsy & Traveller Accommodation Assessment (2014)

Affordable Housing Viability Study (2010)

Housing Growth Plan - to be considered at Cabinet on 21st October 2013


Rights of Way Improvement Plan (2007)

Cycle City Ambition Bid (2013)

West Midlands Local Transport Strategy 2011 - 2026 (2011)

Towards a World Class Integrated Transport Network - Supporting Growth & Regeneration in the West Midlands (2013)

West Midlands Metropolitan Freight Strategy (2013)

Parking Policy (2010)

Low Carbon Transport Strategy (2012)

Smart City Vision (2012)



Local Development Framework - Annual Monitoring Report

Evidence of Previous Stages of Consultation

Details of previous consultations can be found on The Plan So Far ... and Next Steps page.

Other Supporting Documents

Big City Plan (2011)

Aston Newtown & Lozells Area Action Plan (2012)

Sutton Coldfield Town Centre Regeneration Framework SPD (2009)

Bordesley Park Area Action Plan (2013 Draft) - Preferred Options Report

Longbridge Area Action Plan (2009)

Sustainable Management of Urban Rivers & Floodplains SPD (2007)

Parks & Open Space Strategy SPD (2006)

Public Open Space in New Residential Developments SPD (2007)

Loss of Industrial Land to Alternative Uses SPD (2006)

Car Parking Guidelines SPD (2012)

Sustainable Communities Strategy - Birmingham 2026 (2008)

Natural Environment & Rural Communities Act 2006 - Section 41

Big City Culture 2010-2015 (2010)
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