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Housing Land Studies

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A number of studies have been undertaken in relation to housing land across the city. These help us plan for the future in our Planning Policy documents.

We are also aiming to facilitate the construction of 80 000 new homes by 2031 - find out more here...

Strategic Housing Market Assessment (2012)

The Strategic Housing Market Assessment (undertaken by Roger Tym and Partners and HDH Planning and Development) estimates overall housing need and new demand, in terms of affordable, market housing and dwelling size. Originally produced in November 2012, the revised version is below along with an Executive Summary.

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (2013)

Affordable Housing Viability Study (2010)

An Assessment has been undertaken of the viability of the Strategic Housing Market Assessment conclusions. This work was undertaken by ENTEC

Joint Gypsy and Travellers Accommodation Assessment (2014)

A Gypsy and Travellers Accommodation Assessment for Birmingham was prepared by the Opinion Research Services (ORS) in May 2014. This Study undertook an assessment of the accommodation needs of Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople and identified requirements for additional residential pitches up to 2031.

Types of Residential Areas (2008)

A detailed analysis of household groups was carries out in 2008, An explanation of this work and its findings is below.

Types of Residential Areas in Birmingham 2008

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Last Updated: 26th June 2014