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Moseley - Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

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The Moseley Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) sets out planning policies for Moseley to give clear guidance about the future of the 'village' and wider area. It identifies policies to help attract investment into the local centre and provide a vision for the area, helping it to continue to prosper as a creative and enterprising urban neighbourhood.

The SPD was prepared by Moseley Regeneration Group, in collaboration with us. It is the first community led SPD in Birmingham and provides a leading example of how communities can play a more active role in shaping their area.

The Moseley SPD replaces the existing 1992 Moseley Village Action Plan and complements the Kings Heath Local Action Plan and the Moseley Shopfront Design Guide

You can find out details of how the SPD was prepared on the Moseley Community Development Trust's Website.

A copy of the approved SPD is available below along with a plan showing the area covered by the SPD,

Document Status : Statutory Planning Document Adopted 2014

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Last Updated : 7th May 2014