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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Conservation and Natural Environment: Enhancement of resources

The protection of the City's existing nature conservation resource is crucial, but in itself not enough to ensure the survival and development of a flourishing natural environment.

Proper management of the nature conservation resource can help to increase its value, for both wildlife and people. Equally, poor management or the lack of management can damage or destroy good nature conservation sites as effectively as the bricks and mortar of development.

Managing the Nature Conservation Resource

Policy Nineteen
The City Council will, itself, and in partnership and liaison with others, seek to secure appropriate management of the City's nature conservation resource.

Habitat Creation

Policy Twenty
The City Council will, itself, and in liaison and partnership with others, seek to expand the City's nature conservation resource through the creation of new wildlife habitats and natural features.

Sustainability and biodiversity
Nature Conservation and development
People and nature conservation
Information base
Nature conservation and the wider environment
Co-ordination, monitoring and review
Nature conservation: Guidelines for Action