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Types of Residential Areas

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New houses in Sutton Four Oaks

Planning services need to understanding the people living in the city and the types of areas they live in.

One way to achieve this is to classify households into groups. Households are classified into 52 different types, based on their characteristics. These types are aggregated into 12 groups which are labelled to describe their main features, but are not ranked in terms of disadvantage or deprivation.

New flats at Holliday Wharf, city centre

The group containing the largest percentage of households in Birmingham is the one described as “mostly white families living in homes bought from social landlords” (Group J) with 15%.

Group F, “Diverse (large) families, but mainly from South Asian origin, living in privately rented inner city terraces”, also contains a large proportion of Birmingham households with nearly 14% of the total. Nationally, these groups have only 10% and 3% of households respectively.

The group with the lowest percentage of households is Group D, “Families, largely from Asian origin, living in semis in suburban areas”, with only 3%.

The Council uses this information to

  • provide a detailed description of the area and the people living
  • identify areas with similar lifestyles for comparison
  • target limited resources more appropriately and effectively
  • profile catchment areas for local centres, leisure facilities and
    other services
  • identify suitable areas for additional resource bids

New block of flats at Hawkesley Gardens

The fact sheets attached below give a brief summary of the 12 different groups and the proportion of households in each group.

Details of the groups used in the Birmingham classification can be found in the Summary below.

Further information about the 'MOSAIC' modelling tool used to produce this data can be found on the Experian web site.

Group L profile (Size: 1.27 Mb Type: PDF )

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Last Updated : 7th January 2014