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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Winter - Be Prepared

No heating or water - Gas

It is likely that the condensate pipe is frozen at the most exposed point external to the building or where there is some obstruction to the flow.

  • This could be the open end of the pipe, at the bend or elbow, or where there is a dip in the pipe in which condensate can collect.
  • The location of the blockage should be identified as closely as possible before taking further action.
  • You should only attempt to thaw a condensate pipe tat is at ground level and which is easily accessible to you.
  • Under no circumstances should you attempt to thaw a condense pipe is at height.
  • The pipe can be thawed by applying a hot water bottle, a microwave heating pack (the sort used for muscular aches and pains) or cloth soaked in warm water to the exterior of the pipe, close to the point of blockage.
  • Warm water can be poured onto the pipe from a kettle, watering can or similar container. DO NOT USE BOILING WATER.

You should now try to reset your boiler following the manufacturer's instructions.

Once you have reset your boiler you should wait 2 to 3 minutes to see if the boiler re-fires.

If after carrying out all of the above instructions, there is still a problem, please call 0800 073 3333.