Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Making the Most of Your Council Business Account Online


When you've registered for an account you can:

  • Enjoy secure access to selected Council services
  • View the status of your business with the Council for selected services
  • Gain access to your account 24/7
  • Fill out forms quickly by saving your business details
  • Find your local council facilities and services on a map
  • Manage the details the Council holds about your business on our secure site

More services will be available with your online account in the future.

Essential Information
  •  As a City Council, it's very important to us to combat threats of online fraud and protect your personal information. Our security team constantly monitor our website to protect you. We use a combination of hardware and software encryption to help protect your account and the details we hold on your account.

    There are things that you must do to protect your account, including:

    Always visit our website by typing www.birmingham.gov.uk in your browser bar

    Don't tell anyone your password or secret answer for verified accounts (please note: the Council will never ask for your password or secret answer in full)

    When you finish using your account online, please log off and close your browser

    Keep your PC protected with up to date anti-virus software. Visit www.getsafeonline.org for free, expert advice about staying safe online

  • When you register, you automatically get an account by giving us a few details about your business and the person or persons that you require to use and administer your account.

    To verify your account after registration, just click the Verify your Account logo. Then tell us some private information and choose a secret question and answer for extra security

Frequently Asked Questions
    • No. You can register for an online council account if your business is based outside the City boundaries. However, the benefits of the account and services available will be different compared to a Birmingham based business and will be limited.

      For more information about a specific service you are interested in, please visit the dedicated web pages using the search facility which can be easily located on the homepage.

    • No. Your information will only be shared within Birmingham City Council services and will not be shared with 3rd party organisations.

    • Yes. You are able to de-activate your account at anytime. De-activating your account will mean that all of your online information will be withdrawn.

    • An account contact can use the account on behalf of your business, they can view all of the requests that they have created and ones created by other contracts and administrators for services that the relevant contact also has permissions to create.

    • Each business online council account must have at least one administator, however we recommend that more than one administator is created in case one of the administators is unavailable for any reason.

      An administrator has the authority to create other administators and add, delete or amend any other contacts that you require to use your business account. An administrator can also set permissions for other account users, and change or update account details such as the company name, the name of the managing director, the company's telephone number, or the company's email or postal address.