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Disability Equality Scheme 2007 - 2010


The Disability Equality Scheme (DES) 2007- 2010 is Birmingham City Council's framework document which outlines our commitment to fulfill the statutory duty around disability equality.

The Scheme covers all relevant services, functions and policies of Birmingham City Council, bringing them within a single coherent framework and action plan. It also makes clear how the authority plans to meet both the General and Specific Duties and summarises our overall approach to disability equality and the link to our corporate aims and objectives.

Key Issues

Robust mechanisms to enable disabled people to influence the design of services

That information presented by the City Council is accessible to disabled people.

That social care and health functions monitor, understand and act on their disability equalities responsibilities.

More accessible housing is available for disabled people including improved adaptations of properties and provision of housing related support to promote independent living.

Investment in the City’s transportation system to enable disabled people to travel safely and freely.

That disabled children and young people have fair access to educational opportunities and services, so reaching their full potential.

Better representation for disabled people in the City Council workforce.

Better access to the environment and City Council services by disabled people.

That procedures for identifying discrimination and promoting inclusion are robust.

Encouraging the active participation of disabled people in sport, arts and other community based activities for recreation and personal development.

Please see the attachments below for supporting papers

Our equality schemes will be replaced later on this year with a Single Equality Framework which will cover fairness, equality, diversity and community cohesion.

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Disability Equality Scheme 2007-10

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