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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk



Storage of Deeds and Documents

A Property Records store all of the title deeds relating to land and property that is owned by Birmingham City Council. This includes Land Certificates, Conveyances, Leases, Agreements, etc.
Our storage service extends beyond this to storing files for Legal Services, Mortgage deeds, Traffic Orders and a wide range of other documents.
An ever increasing number of these documents are being bar-coded, to enable us to keep a better track of them, and make our storage and retrieval process quicker.

Mortgage Deeds

We store the Title Deeds for Council mortgages. Although the management and administration of these mortgages has now been transferred to The Manchester Building Society, we still hold the deeds on their behalf.
Any requests for mortgage information or redemption statements should be directed to the Manchester Building Society. Enquiries about discharged mortgages or DS1's must either be directed to MBS or Legal Services.