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Community Right to Bid

What is the Community Right to Bid?

The Community Right to Bid came into force on 21st September 2012. It allows community groups to nominate assets which they consider to be of community value which, if agreed, will be held on a list maintained by the Council. If a listed asset later comes up for sale then community groups can place a bid to buy it.

The Community Right to Bid aims to provide community groups with a fair opportunity to bid for community buildings or facilities put up for sale that are important to them so that they can be kept in public use. This can include both public and private assets.

The Social Investment Business has launched the Community Ownership and Management of Assets grants programme which is available to organisations wanting to take up opportunities under the Community Right to Bid. Locality, a network for community-led organisations, offers advice and support on the Community Right to Bid and the funding available

For more detailed information on the processes the Council will follow under the Community Right to Bid, please click on the relevant steps of the process outlined below.

The Process