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National Guidance
for Teachers and Youth Professionals

The Department for Education (DfE) says:

"It is compulsory for schools to enforce measures that will encourage good behaviour and prevent all forms of bullying."

The DfE website includes pages which offer support for designing anti-bullying policies and strategies in schools and can be found at:

Preventing and Tackling Bullying: Advice for headteachers, staff and governing bodies

Early in October 2011, the DfE published its new advice on preventing and responding to bullying as part of the overall behaviour policy of schools, sixth forms and colleges including academies, Free Schools, Pupil Referral Units and alternative providers. The advice also applies to Independent schools though their statutory obligations are different, as noted in relevant sections. The document can be downloaded from the DfE web page.

The Ofsted Framework for School Inspections: Behaviour and Safety

The new Ofsted framework came into force in 2012 and includes 'behaviour and safety' as one of the 4 key criteria for inspections. Find more information here:

The Ofsted Framework

The section on Behaviour and Safety can be found in Section 2 of the framework and makes several references safeguarding and bullying. On page 15 it states that:

"When evaluating the behaviour and safety of pupils at the school, inspectors will consider:

  • pupils' behaviour towards, and respect for, other young people and adults, including freedom from bullying and harassment that may include cyber-bullying and prejudice-based bullying related to special educational need, sexual orientation, sex, race, religion and belief, gender reassignment or disability."