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Council Business Plan 2011+

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Council Business Plan 2011+

The Council Business Plan for 2011+ sets out the high level medium term corporate plan for the council, incorporating our key priorities and the budget, resources and workforce plans that support them. It sets the direction for business planning across the whole organisation for the medium term. The detailed implementation plans to achieve the key priorities will be captured in the Directorate Business Plans and in Cabinet Member and Committee reports at the start of the financial year.

The Government’s Spending Review 2010 set an unparalleled financial challenge for local councils. The Government grant settlement announced in December 2010 means that we shall need to make savings of over £300m over the next four years. Information on the national financial context is outlined later on in this part of the document.

The Council Business Plan for 2011+ is set within the context of realising these savings whilst continuing to work to achieve the priority outcomes for Birmingham people.

How This Plan Is Set Out

A summary of the priority outcomes is provided in part 2 of this Plan. The priorities were developed in consultation with Birmingham residents and businesses, partners and other stakeholders as outlined in part 4.

The priorities will be delivered through fundamental service redesign across the majority of Council services. To deliver “better for less”, we are developing new ways to provide services, built around seven clear principles of service redesign outlined in part 3. The planned service changes are summarised in Appendix 1.

The financial plans and budgets are summarised in part 6 and explained in full detail in Appendix 2. Our strategic approach to managing property, assets and other resources is summarised in part 7.

Council Business Plan 2011+ Summary

Also attached below is an 'At A Glance' Summary document:

Directorate Planning

To support the implementation of the Council Business Plan 2011+ , each of Birmingham’s 6 Directorates produces its own business plan. These business plans are informed by a Corporate Planning Framework.

To set the scene for their detailed plans each directorate produces a vision statement. The Directorate vision statements are set out below:

 PDF Development Vision Statement (Size: 26.3 Kb Type: PDF )

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