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First Stage Consultation (Archive)

We are looking at introducing a residents' parking scheme to Farquhar Road, Tudor Road and Leighton Road in Moseley; the aim of a scheme would be to try and make it easier for residents to park on these roads.

We undertook an intial consultation with residents in January 2008.

The parking surveys

Our investigations, through on-street parking beat surveys, show that the majority of vehicles parked in the location are resident vehicles and not visitors to the area. A key problem is that the amount of on-street parking is not sufficient to accommodate all the demand by local residents’ for parking their vehicles.

The proposed scheme could accommodate about 70 vehicles on-street when the zone operates and possibly a few more outside the times of operation (e.g. on single yellow lines). Whereas it is estimated that there are well over 100 vehicles that residents would like to park in the location. There is a shortfall of at least 30 bays.

What we were told

The responses to the consultation showed that most residents were not adverse to having a one hour parking zone during the daytime. However the majority of residents were of the opinion that the parking problems were in the evening and were caused by visitors to the local pubs and restaurants. However, as noted, the parking surveys show that there is not a problem with non-residents parking on these roads in the evenings and very few parking during the daytime.

The attached spreadsheet provides a summary of the responses.

The most important element of a scheme for residents would be the extra capacity provided for residents. However, the parking surveys show that, not only would there be not extra capacity achieved, but there would in fact be a reduced number of bays available for the residents to use owing to the need to formally line and mark out bays and restrict parking on corners. This will result in more residents having to find somewhere else to park. The only way to remedy this would be to restrict the number of permits each household could buy to one.

However, it was considered by the Ward Councillors that it would not be acceptable to abandon the scheme and that a 2nd consultation should be carried out advising residents of how many parking spaces they would lose, and the results of the parking survey. Residents should be offered the choice of losing spaces or restricting permit ownership to one car. Consideration would have to be given to levying a charge on top of the permit costs to pay for the evening enforcement costs.

What we have done

Further discussions with the Ward Councillors and Constituency have taken place to agree how to proceed.

What we still need to do

A second stage consultation will shortly take place and residents will be written to. Further details will be provided here.