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The Procedure For Dealing With A Proposal

If the Valuation Officer agrees with the Proposal, or all parties reach agreement on another value, the value will be changed.

If the Valuation Officer does not agree or the matter is still unresolved after 6 months, the dispute is passed to the local Valuation Tribunal for a decision. Discussions to try to reach agreement can continue before the Tribunal hearing.

Valuation Tribunals are independent bodies whose members are unpaid people who are of 'good standing' within the community, rather like local magistrates.

Most unsettled rating appeals are resolved via a hearing where the person making the appeal, or their representative, is able to put their case to the Tribunal. However, if all parties consent, appeals may be resolved by written representations to the Valuation Tribunal.

There is no charge for making an appeal, though if the ratepayer asks a firm of rating surveyors or agents to appeal on their behalf, they will have to pay for that assistance.

If the person making the appeal is dissatisfied with the decision of the Tribunal, they may appeal to the Lands Tribunal within 4 weeks of the Valuation Tribunal's decision.

*Whilst awaiting the outcome of an appeal, rates must still be paid.*

If there is an obvious irregularity in valuation and the Council feels certain that a value will be reduced, it may be possible to make an arrangement for payment to be made at a reduced rate until the matter is resolved.

Where a reduction in rateable value is backdated and overpaid rates are refunded by the Council, in certain circumstances interest may be payable on the sum involved.

The Valuation Office can be contacted at:

The Valuation Office Agency
2 Broadway,
Broad St,
B15 1BG
Telephone Number: 03000 501501