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Woodland Rules and Regulations



Primrose Meadow

We are creating a natural woodland environment, where graves blend into the meadow glades leaving only wild flowers to add to the natural beauty. Natural burial is all about keeping things simple, natural and beautiful – returning to nature in a way that will not harm the environment.

To develop the meadow area and to encourage wildflowers the grass cutting will be limited to twice yearly. To enable visitor’s access to graves the grass will be cut in designated areas to provide natural pathways.

We remove unauthorised items as detailed in the guidelines quickly to preserve the presentation of the area as a meadow.


1. The Council may from time to time make alterations in the following rules and regulations without prior notice.



“The Council” means Birmingham City Council

“The Manager” means The person appointed by the Council to be responsible for the management of the Cemetery or their nominated representative, including any person empowered to act on behalf of the Council

“Cemetery” means The office, buildings and grounds

“Grave space” means A space available for interments to which a unique number has been issued and referenced to plans of grave spaces

“Private Grave” means A grave space in respect of which the Council has granted an Exclusive Right of Burial

“FBCA” means Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities


1. The Cemeteries will be open to visitors: -

Weekdays Saturdays, Sundays

and Public Holidays

January, December, February, March, April 08.30-16.00 hours 10.00-16.00 hours

October, November 08.30-16.00 hours 10.00-17.00 hours

May, June, July, August,

September 08.30-16.30 hours 10.00-17.00 hours

NB: Christmas Day and Boxing Day opening and closing times are 09:30 – 13:30 hours

2. The Cemetery Office is open for public business from 08.30 hours. to 16.30 hours each day, Monday to Friday other than specified holidays, which include Good Friday, Christmas Day, Easter, Spring etc.

Cemetery gates are closed at 16.00 hours in the winter (See Regulation 1 above).

3. When making funeral arrangements two clear days notice must be given to the relevant Cemetery Manager for interment. These days notice must exclude the day of interment and exclude Saturday, Sunday and specified holidays which include Good Friday, Christmas Day, Easter, Spring etc.

Under special circumstances the Manager may reduce the time scale if there are religious requirements

4. Interments must take place between 09:00 hours and 16:00 hours each day Monday to Friday, the last burial at graveside is 15:00 hours in the Summer months and 14:30 hours in the Winter months, and are not permitted on Saturdays, Sundays and specified holidays which include Good Friday, Christmas Day, Easter, Spring etc. If a service is due to take place in the cemetery or crematorium chapel prior to burial, then this should be booked earlier to enable the service at graveside to commence at the times stated above.

5. Notice of interment must be confirmed to the relevant Cemetery Office on the specially printed form prescribed by the City Council

The appropriate certificate for disposal issued by the Registrar of Births and Deaths or the Coroner’s Order for burial shall be submitted to the Cemetery Office prior to the day of the funeral with the confirmation of burial details or given to the Cemetery Office as the funeral cortege enters the Cemetery. A certificate issued by the appropriate Cremation Authority will be required prior to the disposal of cremated remains. Failure to do this may result in the delay of the funeral.

6. Funeral Directors are reminded to give the actual coffin size (including handles), please do not add any addition inches or millimetres onto the coffin size as stated on the “Notice of Interment” form.

7. In the event that a large number of persons are expected to attend the funeral every effort should be made to notify the relevant Cemetery Office so that appropriate arrangements may be made.

8. The selection of sites for private graves shall be determined at the discretion of the Manager. Where required, grave selection may be arranged with the cemetery office by prior appointment only.

9. No body shall be buried or cremated remains interred or scattered, in or over any grave, in which an exclusive right of burial for the time being subsists, except with the consent in writing of the owner of the right. For every opening of a private grave the certificate of ownership must also be produced and given to the relevant Cemetery Office on giving notice of burial. If the certificate is lost or mislaid a grave will be opened only on the receipt of a completed form of declaration and indemnity, which has to be sworn before a Solicitor, J.P. or Commissioner for Oaths. The application forms are obtainable from the Cemetery Office.

10. If the owner of a grave as stated on the Exclusive Right of Burial is deceased, a reassignment of the Exclusive Right of Burial will be required. All applications must be on the approved ‘Forms’ supplied by the Manager, this will be required before the opening of any grave can take place.

11. Relatives or their representatives shall arrange for a Minister, if required, to officiate at the interment.

12. The Funeral Director or the family’s representative shall provide a minimum of four bearers to convey the coffin reverently from the hearse to the grave. The bearers will be required to lower the coffin into the grave.

13. Invoices shall be settled in full within the agreed payment terms of the account. Where repeated problems are incurred due to non-payment of invoices, then payment on account may be stopped. In these circumstances, the service will only be permitted where payment is received in advance of the funeral service.

14. Funeral corteges and all persons entering a Cemetery shall be required to follow directions issued by the Cemetery Manager or nominated deputy.

15. If a funeral is late the service will take place as soon as possible after the appointed time at the discretion of the Manager. A fee will be levied as detailed in the Table of Fees and Charges. This applies to either late arrival at the cemetery or late commencement of the funeral service due to delays.

16. Only traditional wooden coffins, cardboard or ecologically friendly coffins and handles shall be used in all graves and the use of preservatives is discouraged. Embalming of the deceased is also discouraged and the Cemetery Office should be advised prior to the burial if this has taken place. The coffin must bear a name plate establishing the identity of the body contained therein.


Memorials are not permitted in the woodland burial area; any items placed on graves will be removed immediately and stored for a period of 28 days pending collection.

There will be no long term visible markers but all graves will be recorded in the statutory registers and plans so that their location can be determined exactly.

To preserve the meadow concept and in order to avoid any additional distress it is advisable that before any items are placed on a grave/memorial you contact the cemetery office to seek guidance.

17 No ornaments, greetings cards, balloons, lanterns, windmills, vases or other such items are permitted. This includes solar lights, stones, flowerpots or stakes, ropes, ties or any other ‘garden items’

18. Shrubs, plants or flowers must not be taken out of the Cemetery without the consent of the Manager.

19. No trees are to be planted other than those purchased with a grave at the time of burial.

20. No gardening or cultivation whatsoever is permitted. This includes scattering of bark or chippings.

21. The placing or attaching any item to trees, shrubs fences etc, any where within the cemetery is not permitted and any such items will be removed and stored, along with details of the area from which it was removed, for a period of 28 days pending collection.

22. A wooden memorial plaque in memory of the deceased will be displayed on the pergola at the entrance of the meadow. This will be engraved with the name, date and age upon completion of the application form. The plaque will be on display for a period of ten years. After this period options to replace the plaque will be available.

23. A standard two line entry in memory of the deceased will be inserted into the Book of Remembrance which is located in the reception area of the office. The entry will be displayed on the date that the person passed away. This entry will consist of the name and date of death. Additional lines may be purchased to increase the entry to a five or eight line entry at an additional fee. If the family wish to increase the number of lines, change the date the entry is shown or to reserve a space on the page - this information would be required prior to the funeral taking place.

24. Rustic memorial benches may be purchased from the Cemetery office. The positioning of the bench is made following consultation with the Cemetery Manager. Individuals are not permitted to place unauthorised benches in the area. Any unauthorised benches placed within the cemetery will be removed immediately and stored for a period of 28 days pending collection; similarly any items attached to the bench will also be removed. (see item 17).

25. The sponsorship of bat boxes, bird boxes and butterfly havens may be arranged via the Cemetery Office, unauthorised items will be removed and stored for a period of 28 days pending collection.

26. No oasis or floral tributes with wire, plastic, tape or artificial flowers are permitted. Cellophane, ribbon and foil must be removed from cut flowers and conveyed to the nearest waste basket.

27. Any damage caused to turf, plants, shrubs, trees etc. by vehicles the owner of such vehicle shall be liable for the cost of reinstatement.

28. In order to encourage a classic native woodland environment, only wild flowers authorised by the Cemetery manager may be planted on graves. Leaflet available from the Cemetery Office.

29. No kerbing, metal, plastic or wooden fencing or chippings are permitted in this area.

30. Turfing will take place, dependent upon the weather conditions, around 6 – 12 months following an interment. During this period grave mounding will be permitted until such time that the ground is levelled and turfed.

31. The permission of the Manager shall be obtained before any object in a Cemetery is photographed or a video recording is commenced

32. Motor vehicles may enter a Cemetery only if an occupier is on Cemetery business. Vehicles must not exceed 5 M.P.H. and must not obstruct driveways and side walks.

33. Visitors shall keep to the drives and paths provided.

34. Gratuities must not be given to employees of Birmingham City Council.

35. Visitors shall not prevent the Council's staff from carrying out their duties nor employ them to carry out work within the grounds of the Cemetery or Crematorium.

36. No child apparently under the age of 12 years will be admitted into a Cemetery unless under proper care.

37. No dogs except Guide Dogs for the visually and hearing impaired shall be permitted in a Cemetery.

38. No smoking shall be permitted in Cemeteries premises or within the vicinity of a funeral.

39. No person shall distribute any tract, business card, advertisement, or literature of any kind within the grounds of the Cemetery without the permission of the Manager.

40. Musical instruments or appropriate sound reproducing equipment shall be permitted in a Cemetery with the permission of the Manager

41. No person shall do anything that is likely to cause offence to any other person lawfully using the Cemetery or Crematorium. Ball games, skateboarding etc. are prohibited in the cemetery.

42. All Cemetery fees and charges shall be in accordance with the scales of fees and charges for the time being adopted by the Council.

43. These Rules and Regulations are in respect of woodland burial areas within Birmingham City Council.

The Council may from time to time make alterations to the foregoing Regulations, and any Right of interment in any grave will be subject to these Regulations, and any others that may be made by the Council or any other authority, and subject also to any present or future Statutory Regulations.


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