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Woodland Burials

Primrose Meadow

Primrose Meadow is a natural burial area within Kings Norton Cemetery.

The view is to allow this area to look, as much as possible, as a natural meadow with British native wild flowers creating a natural woodland environment, where graves blend into the meadow glades leaving only wild flowers to add to the natural beauty. - returning to nature in a way that will not harm the environment.

Therefore the graves are not your typical cemetery graves - whilst you can visit them we ask that they are not tended but be allowed to form a natural part of the area.

To develop the meadow area and to encourage wildflowers the grass cutting will be limited to twice yearly. To enable visitor's access to graves the grass will be cut in designated areas to give natural pathways.

We remove unauthorised items as detailed in the rules and regulations quickly for the sake of those who support the beauty of natural burial and for all who visit.

Some of the graves will have trees planted on them. It is not possible to guarantee the life span of any particular tree.

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Primrose Meadow Progression
June 2012 (Summer)