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Frequently Asked Questions about Burials and Cremations


What is an Exclusive Right of Burial?

What is a Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial?

Can I select a grave?

Can I sell back an unused grave?

How many burials will a grave take?

Must I use a Funeral Director to arrange a burial or cremation?

What is the interment fee?

When does a non resident fees apply?

How is the non-resident fee calculated?

Why are there different interment fees dependant on the grave purchase date?

What is a standard grave?

Is the 5ft width grave more expensive and how is this fee calculated?

What is a concrete header?

What can I put on my grave?

How long do I have to wait to put a memorial on my grave?

Who is responsible for the repair to a memorial?

Why has my grave sunk?

How long are floral tributes left on graves?

Can I park my car in the grounds?

Are dogs permitted in the grounds?


How many of the deaths which occur in Great Britain each year result in cremation?

Are there any religious groups, which forbid cremation to their members?

Is cremation more expensive than burial?

What service arrangements are available at the crematorium?

Is it necessary for the cremation to be associated with a religious ceremony?

How is a cremation arranged?

Do relatives need to decide at this stage about the disposal of cremated remains?

What are the normal options for disposal of cremated remains?

What is a Garden of Remembrance and what facilities may be provided there?

What memorial facilities are available at crematoria?

What is the procedure followed at the crematorium on the day of the funeral?

What happens to the coffin after the committal?

Can relatives witness the committal of the coffin to the cremator?

Is the cremation of a body governed by a code of ethics and working practices?

How soon after the service will the cremation take place?

Is the coffin cremated with the body?

Should items of jewellery be left on a body for cremation?

Can more than one body be cremated in a cremator at the same time?

What happens to the cremated remains after the cremation?

What procedures are followed to ensure that cremated remains are kept separate?

How are cremated remains treated at the crematorium?

What quantity of remains will there be following a cremation?

What happens to the cremated remains strewn in the ground?

Can cremated remains be interred and their position marked with a memorial?

Can cremated remains be retained by the family pending final disposal?

What arrangements can be made to ensure that cremation is the selected method of disposal following death?

Can more information be obtained concerning cremation and if required can a crematorium be visited by members of the public?