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Handsworth Cemetery

Handsworth Cemetery

Contact us:
0121 464 0096
0121 675 8523

Oxhill Road
B21 8JT

Opening Hours



Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays

January, December

08.30-16.00 hours

10.00-16.00 hours

February, March, April,
October, November.

08.30-16.00 hours

10.00-17.00 hours

May, June, July, August,

08.30-16.30 hours

10.00-17.00 hours

Special times for opening and closing apply on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Facilities Available

Handsworth Cemetery has a Grade I listed chapel for services, originally designed and built in 1909 by architect J. Bidlake. The chapel can hold 150 mourners. An organ is available (this does not include an organist) and CDs and tapes may also be played.

An extended hours burial service is available at Handsworth Cemetery and burials can be accommodated at short notice. Please contact a member of staff for details.

Grave Sections

Grave sections vary in denomination from consecrated, Free Church, Roman Catholic and Muslim. Adult graves for up to 2 full body burials are available on all these sections.

Grave Memorials

The type of memorial permissible will be determined by the type of section in which a grave lies.

On Lawn type sections headstones and bases only are permissible. The grave area itself being turfed. No kerbing, fencing or chippings are permitted but the ground may be cultivated up to 18" (46cm) from the headstone.

Traditional sections enable a full memorial to be erected, using kerbing to define the overall grave space. No fencing is permissible.

Children's Graves

Children's graves are available in Free Church or Muslim areas. Both are designated Lawn B.

Public Burials

Burials in unmarked graves, where exclusive burial rights are not purchased, are available in Free Church or Muslim sections for both adults and children.

Brick Graves

Brick graves are available in Free Church section for adults.

Concrete Chambers

These are installed in the ground prior to burial. The coffin is sealed within the chamber without coming into contact with any soil. They are currently available for children and adults in Muslim areas.

A copy of the Rules and Regulations relating to the cemetery can be obtained from the office.

Temporary Memorials
(up to 24 months)

Perspex Grave Markers are offered with or without a wooden ground fixing stake and can be fully personalised. These are available in either Gold or Silver.

Inscriptions can be complimented by the addition of motifs or photographs.

For further details and prices please speak to a member of the cemetery office.