Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Types of memorials we offer

We offer a wide selection of memorials at each of our Crematoriums and Cemeteries. Due to popular demand we also provide a selection of memorials for you to purchase for your own homes or gardens.

Please click on the individual links below for further details on each memorial.

Prices on any of our items can be found on the memorial price list page

Memorial Kerb Stones

Kerb stones

Memorial Plaques

plaques, memorial plaques

Cremated Remains

Cremated Remains, Ashes

Woodland Memorials

woodland memorials

Book of Remembrance

book of remembrance, memorials

Keep Sake Jewellery

keep sakes, memorials, jewellery

Grave Tending

grave tending, flowers, graves, memorials

Memorial Seating

Memorial Seating