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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Working with Money

It is never too early to start learning about money.
Here are some links to educational games for young children to help them start to become aware of money, what it means, and how to keep track of it.

Use the games below to learn how to work out how much change you get when you spend, get to work at a supermarket check-out and even go virtual shopping. Don't forget to save enough for bus fare!

Counting with Money

Key stage 1 counting tool

Subtracting with Money

A set of activities to help children work out and practice subtracting sums of money

Check Out Challenge

Your challenge is to work as a cashier in a virtual store and serve as many customers as possible in the allotted time.


A series of short, simple demonstrations to show how pupils can work out percentages of money using different strategies

Trainers Challenge

Time to go shopping. An exercise on buying and making sure you've got enough money to get back home!