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Trading Standards - Advice for Consumers

This page provides you with advice and information on consumer laws for goods and services.

The Citizens Advice Bureau consumer service provides free, confidential and impartial advice on consumer issues. For leaflets and sample letters please click on the button to left or link above to visit their website. You can also call the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 0345 40 40 506

Your rights, unsatisfactory services/goods and legal procedures.

I have bought something from a shop, which turns out to be faulty. What are my rights?

Services provided by the trader upon a goods purchase or work agreement

Purchasing unsatisfactory goods and services

Legal proceedings for purchased unsatisfactory services/goods

Frequently asked questions

Does it make any difference if I buy from a market stall or by mail order ?

Are my rights the same if I buy goods in a sale ?

I've changed my mind about something I've bought. Am I entitled to my money back ?

Are my rights the same if I buy something privately ?

I've bought something which is faulty, but the shop refuses to do anything. What can I do ?

Does it matter if I lose my receipt ?

Where can I go for advice about a consumer problem ?

A shop is selling items that have passed their ‘Best Before Date’. Isn’t that illegal ?

I have heard about No Cold Calling Zones to discourage door-to-door sales. Can this be implemented in my area ?

I have a problem with an insurance or loan company. Who should I contact for assistance ?

I want to take a civil claim (sue) a company or individual for losses I have incurred. How do I go about doing this ?

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