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Culture Commissioning Equalities, Consultation & Engagement

The Cultural Development Service is committed to equality and diversity in employment and service provision and as a minimum ensures all funded organisations have a policy for equal opportunities in employment and service delivery policy, an equal pay policy and a policy to deal with harassment and bullying in the organisation.

The Equality Act 2010 protects people with different protected characteristics from discrimination when they use services. The nine protected characteristics are:

• Age

• Disability

• Gender reassignment

• Marriage and civil partnership

• Pregnancy and maternity

• Race

• Religion or belief

• Sex

• Sexual orientation

The Cultural Development Service and Equalities

Our team is based within the Place Directorate. Our Equality Objective sitting within this directorate is:

Commitment to creating a stronger vibrant cultural scene and reducing the gap in participation levels across the City to ensure all residents benefit from a rich cultural and leisure offer that improves their wellbeing

To find out more about Birmingham City Council's Place Directorate Equality & Diversity information, please click here.

Our service users are mainly not for profit arts organisations and individuals working within the arts. These organisations and individuals’ in-turn provide activities (an arts service) for Birmingham’s residents.

We actively encourage applications from all not-for-profit arts organisations delivering arts activity with Birmingham residents regardless of age, disability, gender, marital status, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion and belief, sex or sexual orientation.

All applications received through the commissioning process are treated equally and fairly through assessment against eligibility criteria and priorities published within our funding prospectus.

We comply with the Public Sector Equality Duty and complete Equalities Analysis for our functions that may have an impact on Birmingham residents. These look at how we as a Service are demonstrating the following key factors against all of the nine protected characteristics in what we offer to our customers:

1. Advancing equality of opportunity

2. Foster good relations

3. Eliminating unlawful discrimination

For more information and Equality Act guidance visit the Equality and Human Rights website.

Consultation and Engagement

The Cultural Development Service is subject to the Council’s Duty to Inform, Consult and Involve from April 2009, as per Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act of 2007. This means we have a duty to consult on all decisions that relate significant changes in function and policy.

Our team fully endorses and encourages consultation and engagement with our customers at all levels and through a variety of methods.


Local Arts Forums: We currently support a city-wide local arts forum network. This network acts as our ongoing vehicle of grassroots community artists’ engagement.

We believe it is important to provide residents and in particular, the arts community, with the opportunity to have their voice heard.

Arts & Culture Summit – September 2012: This Summit sought to re-position the cultural offer of Birmingham - locally, nationally and internationally, in order to make the maximum impact on economic growth in the city.

Feedback resulted in a new Festivals Unit for the Culture Commissioning Service and a commitment to a ‘Youth Arts Summit’.

Youth Arts Summit: 12th July 2013: At the Arts & Culture summit a commitment was made to hold a Youth Arts Summit, to ensure that young people get to have their say and are heard on the issues that matter to them.

On Friday 12th July 2013 at Birmingham Hippodrome, young people had the chance to witness inspiring performances and speakers, took place in creative workshops, found out what they want to know about Birmingham’s cultural life (art, music theatre and everything else), and, very importantly, told us what they think.

Feedback was incorporated into the revised Creative Futures III Strategy

Cultivating Culture: A Feast of Arts -February 2014: Cultivating Culture was a feast of arts that celebrated the work of the Arts Champions and Local Arts Fora throughout February and March 2014, offering a range of high quality arts experiences in local neighbourhoods.

Connecting Communities through Culture Conference - March 2015: On Friday 13th March a one day conference took place at the Library of Birmingham to look at the Arts and Communities programme across four cities; Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol and Burnley.

Over these four events, over 600 people were in attendance. They have all been added to a central mailing list and are regularly kept updated about our service and arts opportunities via the fortnightly newsletter the team has started up in October 2014. To request to join our mailing list or to sign up to our newsletter, click here

We regularly update our customer engagement events via Birminghamculture.org.


Consultation is a key strand running through all of our work we undertake as a Service. We have formally consulted on a variety of incentives over the past few years including; Heritage, Public Art and Creative Futures III Strategies, the future of the Mobile Arts Unit and Connecting Communities Year 2 proposals. For the strategies we develop, we have advisory steering groups to help give some genuine guidance along the process.

These consultations are followed up with a communication plan to ensure they are reaching as far afield as possible. We sometimes host targeted consultation events around specific areas of work. An example of this, was for the introduction of the Public Arts Strategy, where interested parties were invited to Eastside Projects in Digbeth Birmingham in December 2014 to discuss on a more open 1-2-1 way about the development of the strategy. The Strategy was approved and Birmingham can now boast an extensive and rounded set of principles around Public Arts.

Please see the attachment below to view a list of the Service’s consultations during October 2013 - June 2015:

 Culture Commissioning Service List of Consultations (Size: 22.8 Kb Type: xlsx )


Culture Commissioning Team List of Consultations

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