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Policies and Procedures

It is essential not-for-profit organisations maintain good governance. Well written policies and procedures allow members to understand their roles and responsibilities and for potential funders to recognise organisations as a robust and commissioning-ready entity.

The major differences between policies & procedures are as follows:

• Are general in nature
• Identify company rules
• Explain why they exist
• Tells when the rule applies
• Describes who it covers
• Shows how the rule is enforcement
• Describes the consequences
• Are normally described using simple sentences & paragraphs

• Identify specific actions
• Explain when to take actions
• Describes alternatives
• Shows emergency procedures
• Includes warning & cautions
• Gives examples
• Shows how to complete forms
• Are normally written using an outline format

Guidance Sheets and Information

 PDF Child Protection Guidance 2011 (Size: 59.5 Kb Type: PDF )

Copyright: Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board, April 2011 

 PDF Safeguarding Adults 2010 (Size: 1.29 Mb Type: PDF )

Copyright: 2010 Birmingham Safeguarding Adults Board

Financial regulations and procedures
An explanation of how the organisation’s money is controlled and what safeguards are in place to ensure that funds are used for the correct purpose i.e. explanation of company procedures and processes for ensuring effective financial management within you organisation such as; responsibility of employees, separation of duties, accounting records/ systems/controls, budgetary control, audit, banking arrangements, security of cash/assets, purchase ordering/procurement, payment of accounts, salaries and expenses.

Audit processes
Statement of your organisations review that its internal (financial) policies and procedures are maintained and kept up to date.

Counter fraud and anti-corruption procedures
Written policy / statement describing staff and directors’ responsibilities and processes in place to prevent fraud and corruption and/or the procedures implemented when either is suspected.

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