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Mobile Arts

The Arts on the Move scheme is part of Birmingham City Council’s Culture Commissioning Service’s commitment to ‘Culture on Your Doorstep’ – bringing arts and cultural activities to your local area and community.

In 2012/13, the Arts on the Move scheme presented opportunities for Birmingham-based artist(s) /collectives/ community and youth organisations (working with an emerging professional artist). To strengthen the young persons cultural offer within City, there was an additional criteria to support at least one young person aged 18 – 25 to achieve a Silver or Gold Arts Award (for more information see www.artsaward.co.uk).

Four organisations were successful in gaining commissions. These were:

Write Down, Speak Up - 'Small Heath Stories/ Druids Heath Diaries': Building on the success of the previous years' 'Big Brum Poem', the poetry and spoken word collective carried out a targeted project comparing two different demographics and participants perspectives of their areas through poetry. Click here to see the You Tube link.

WDSU Mobile Arts
Write Down, Speak Up at the Dell Meadow Centre as part of 'Druids Heath Diaries' for the Arts on the Move scheme 2012/13.

Redhawk Logistica/ MSFAC - 'Budget Print Toolkit' : The Budget Print Toolkit project was targeted young people and families with a range of quick and easy printing techniques so they could produce unique Christmas cards and use them as handmade gifts for friends and relations. They were also given hand printed ‘take-away bags’ to keep everything in, along with their Budget Print TOOL KIT hand-out. Redhawk Logistica website.

RL MAU 2012
Redhawk Logistica/ MSFAC outside the Symphony Hall as part of 'Budget Print Toolkit' for the Arts on the Move scheme 2012/13.

Reel Access 'Scriptwriting Workshops for Reawakening Lea Village': Reel Access engaged residents of Glebe Farm and Lea Village to link in with their larger Heritage Lottery funded project ‘Re-Awakening Lea Village’. They used the mobile unit to underpin this work and give a venue for production sessions in Scriptwriting and Filmmaking with young people aged between 18 – 25 years. Reel Access website.

Reel Access MAU 2013
Reel Access outside Lea Village as part of 'Young Persons Scriptwriters Re-Awakening Lea Village project' for the Arts on the Move scheme 2012/13

Theatre Ark 'Youth-led Identity Photography Project': This project sought to improve the perception of young people by taking clear and simple pictures of young people by young people. Theatre Ark is a theatre company consisting mainly of 14 - 21 year olds; promoting a positive profile of young people in Birmingham with something meaningful to offer. Theatre Ark website.

Local Art Forums: Each of Birmingham’s ten local art forums have been using the mobile arts unit in their area to promote local artists, arts organisation and community activities.

If you would like more information on the Arts on the Move scheme, contact Roxanna.F.Collins@birmingham.gov.uk on 0121 303 4709 or Julie.Pope@birmingham.gov.uk on 0121 675 3889.

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