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Young People's Cultural Entitlement (Creative Futures III)

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Creative Futures and Young People's Cultural Entitlement

Birmingham has the highest proportion of children and young people of any major city in Europe. The Creative Future strategy reflects a vision for Birmingham as an inspiring place where children and young people can develop their interests and skills, achieve to their full potential and have their positive contribution to the life of the city recognised.

A Creative Future was first developed in 2006 and identified four key roles for children and young people in their engagement with culture - creators, participants, audiences and leaders. It also described a pathway for progression through their cultural engagement that young people should be supported to follow.

In 2013 the first Birmingham Youth Arts Summit was held, bringing together young people of all ages, from all over the city to have their say about what they felt was important, what was great about the arts in Birmingham and what was missing. This was the starting point for redeveloping the strategy to meet the needs of young people in Birmingham today.

A Creative Future III has been reshaped in close collaboration with young people, arts organisations, schools and colleges and 3rd sector organisations from across the city and is a citywide strategy. it will be delivered collectively by Birmingham City Council and the cultural, creative, education and 3rd sectors, supporting the highest quality of and access to cultural provision for all of Birmingham’s young people.

Children and young people in the context of A Creative Future III are aged between 0 and 25 years.

The full Creative Futures III strategy can be read below:

Refreshed model of engagement for the Creative Futures III Strategy

This third iteration of the strategy builds on the strengths and achievements to date and extends the age range to include young people up to the age of 25 years. This reflects an increased emphasis on supporting young people into training and employment as pledged in Birmingham’s Youth Promise guarantee.

A Creative Future III considers young people’s cultural needs with respect to universal provision - accessible to all; targeted activity - providing opportunities for those with additional needs and specialist provision to support young people with identified talent

The strategy continues to promote the four key roles that children and young people should have the opportunity to experience, they are defined as follows:

As an audience member a young person should have the opportunity to experience a range of high quality work, experience the work of their peers, develop critical skills and vocabulary and make informed choices

As a participant a young person should have the opportunity to work with skilled practitioners, take part with others and improve their cultural skills

As a creator a young person should have the opportunity to make original work and share work with a range of audiences

As a leader a young person should have the opportunity to organise, produce and manage their own work and the work of others.


Creative Partner organisations call for Expressions of Interest

Deadline 17thAugust 2015

The Gallery 37 Foundation is calling for expressions of interest from potential creative partner organisations for the youth arts training summer 2016 programme of delivery.

Please read the brief in the attachment below to see whether you would like to get involved:

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