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Trading Standards - Fair Trading

Trading Standards Officers monitor the quantity, price, description and quality of goods and services. We visit retail premises such as shops, pubs, restaurants, hotels and garages. Checks will be made on goods, prices, descriptions and signs.

Any weighing or measuring equipment such as scales, used to determine the price of goods, will be checked for accuracy. In pubs samples of spirits are taken to check for being watered down or using substituted/counterfeit brands. Beer, petrol and diesel are also routinely checked.

A variety of traders are visited including estate agents, to ensure accurate descriptions and dimensions of property are used, and jewellers to check that items described as gold, silver or platinum, are correctly hallmarked.

Trading Standards Inspections
Officers visit the premises of producers and importers as well as retail outlets. Checks are made to verify the quantity, weight and volume stated on the packaging of many food and non-food items.

Other factories will be visited because they have a vehicle weighbridge. Those that are open to anyone to use on payment of a fee, are listed on our Weights and Measures web page.

The range of weighing and measuring equipment we check includes shop scales, weights, petrol pumps, length measures and tapes. Brand new equipment has to be submitted for an official stamp to be applied to it. Even if the item is only used internally, (ie not for sale) we can provide a service whereby our tests can be carried out with equipment traceable to National Standards.

If you wish for further assistance, please contact the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 03454040506

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