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Prize Gaming Permits

Prize gaming is a form of normally low stakes and prizes gambling in which neither the nature nor the size of the prize is determined by the number of persons playing or the amount paid for or raised by the gaming. The prize can be a cash or non-cash prize.

Holders of premises licences under the Act and holders of club gaming permits may not apply for prize gaming permits. Prize gaming permits do not permit the provision of gaming machines.

The permit will have effect for 10 years. There is no annual fee to be paid.

Various forms of prize gaming are permitted as part of many of the other permits and premises licences issued under the Gambling Act 2005. The following premises are authorised by the Act to offer prize gaming, subject to certain conditions, and do not require a separate Prize Gaming Permit:

  • Holders of Adult Gaming Centre Premises Licences
  • Holders of Family Entertainment Centre Premises Licences
  • Holders of Family Entertainment Centre Gaming Machine Permits
  • Travelling Fairs
  • Bingo Halls

The Gambling Commission website has further information on Gambling Permits and/or you can contact the Licensing Section at:

Licensing Section,
Crystal Court,
Aston Cross Business Village,
50 Rocky Lane,
B6 5RQ

Telephone number: 0121 303 9896
e-mail: licensing@birmingham.gov.uk