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Please see the attached statement from KPMG regarding Open Book 2 and two meetings to share the findings of the project.

To register a place at either of the two sessions please send an e-mail, stating your preference, the name of your Home and the attendee's name, to shapingthemarket@birmingham.gov.uk

Please note that the Safeguarding Adults Policy and Procedures have now been updated, the attached document shows the changes that came into effect from 23rd April 2013:

Attached below are documents that were shared at the 'Bed Based Provider' event on Thursday 18th April 2013.

We are asking providers to look through the information within the requirement document, and then use the feedback form to comment on whether the information within the requirement document is an improvement over current arrangements.

If you think the information requires additions, or if you think amendments need to be made please can you return the feedback form to charlene.thompson@birmingham.gov.uk and saima.x.ali@birmingham.gov.uk by end of Monday 29th April 2013.

The Business Charter for Social Responsibility was launched on the 15th April 2013. Please see the statement below:

Business Charter for Social Responsibility

This policy is to be approved by Cabinet on 22 April 2013. Following this decision, the Council will provide further information as to how the policy will be implemented as soon as it is able to do so, on the Shaping the Market website.

Birmingham's Market Position Statement for Social Care contains intelligence, information and analysis that will be of benefit to providers of adult social care in Birmingham, and to those who are looking to provide services in the future. It will also be of interest to citizens, carers and others interested in the vision and direction of the care market. It will help providers to make sound investment decisions when developing provision, and highlights the strategic outcomes that commissioners are seeking from services.

The Social Care White Paper ‘Caring for our Future: Reforming Care and Support’, and the draft Care and Support Bill published in July 2012 set out a range of measures; including a duty on local authorities to produce a Market Position Statement in order to promote a diverse, sustainable and high quality market of care.

This Market Position Statement covers all adult social care, including bed-based care and support services within people’s own homes, services in the community, and the trends and use of direct payments and personal budgets. It shows current and predicted future demand and supply, and outlines the models of care the local authority wishes to encourage.

Please find below the notes that were taken at the Provider Forums that were held at the Birmingham Science Park on 5th February 2013.

Please find attached the Payment Schedule Dates for the 2013/14 financial year for both Home Support and Residential Provision.

Please see attached update from KPMG on the OBA2 project, giving providers some information about progress to date and what KPMG are doing next.

Please see attached Bulletin Three, Safeguarding Adults and Briefing Pack for March 2013.

The link below takes you to the findings of the review Care Quality Commission (CQC) carried out with regard to issues affecting the delivery of good Home Care Services.


Please find attached a list of FAQs based on the conversations KPMG have had with providers who are completing the Open Book 2 questionnaires for your information."

Please see attached a letter from Elizabeth Ross - Assistant Director Operation Commissioning regarding an update on the Open Book 2 process

Please see the attached report "Reducing the risk of choking for citizens with a learning disability"

Open Book Accounting 2 - Confidentiality Agreement - KPMG

A policy on Never Events was introduced in the NHS in England from April 2009, following its proposal in High Quality Care for All.

With the introduction of the new Safeguarding Adults: multi-agency policy and procedures for the West Midlands being implemented in April 2013, these bulletins are designed to ensure you are fully up to speed with what is happening and that you have all the information you need to prepare you for the change over.

Please find attached the Sustaining Quality Presentation given at the Provider Forums on 5th February 2013.

Please see letter attached from Elizabeth Ross, Assistant Director - Operational Commissioning, regarding the next stage of Open BooK 2 that was presented at the Commissioning Event on 28 January 2013. Also attached is a flyer from KPMG.

Please find below slides of the Open Book Presentation which was held at the Library Theatre on 28th January 2013.

Please see letter attached dated 18.1.2013 from Elizabeth Ross, Assistant Director - Operational Commissioning regarding Open Book 2.

You will be aware that a number of West Midlands Local Authorities, in conjunction with partners including Health and the Police, have developed a set of overarching safeguarding adults policy and procedures, entitled 'Safeguarding adults:multi-agency policy and procedures for the West Midlands' which were formally launched in July 2012 and which will be implemented across the West Midlands by July 2013.

A multi-agency project group has been working to develop Birmingham's local guidance (much of which is based on our current Good Practice Guidance) and we are now wanting to give you an opportunity to view it and provide feedback. The local guidance is attached below and if you would like to provide feedback on content or accuracy we need it no later than 28th January 2013.

Please find attached the first of a series of Bulletins informing staff and colleagues of the plans to replace our current Safeguarding Adults: Policy, Procedure and Good Practice Guide with the new 'Safeguarding Adults multi-agency policy and procedures for the West Midlands' and Birmingham's local guidance.

Birmingham City Council is undertaking a formal consultation on the Birmingham Business Charter for Social Responsibility, details of which are available on the consultation page.
The closing date for the Consultation is 28th November and Elizabeth Ross, Assistant Director - Operational Commissioning, would be grateful if you could find time to read the documents and return the consultation response form within the deadline.

You can access the consultation documents on this page.

Please find attached a document that outlines changes to Disclosure and Barring for your information:

Please note there has been a change of telephone number you will need to ring with any queries you may have with SProc.Net system.

Please find attached copies of the Powerpoint Presentations that was part of the Birmingham's Social Care Provider Event Quality Matters: 'Inspiring to Achieve' event took place on Wednesday 21 November 2012, at Aston Villa Conference Centre.

The day provided a mix of key note speeches, workshops and exhibitions.

The day was attended by around 300 people. Thank you to everyone who attended.

Below are the presentations that were delivered by key note speakers and within the workshops on the day.

Please find attached a copy of the PowerPoint presentations that were delivered to Providers on workshops held on the 9th October 2012.

'Please find attached formal clarification of the exceptions to the micro-tender process'

'Guidance which pertains to the calculation of any variations or changes to the cost of a package of care'

Please find attached a copy of the PowerPoint presentations that were delivered to Providers on workshops held on the 3rd, 10th,11th and 19th September exclusively.

Please see below the Supplier Selection Policy - Guidance for Home Support Providers

Please see below the Matrix SProc.net powerpoint presentation from the workshops on 5th, 10th, 11th and 19th September

Please see the three attachments below from the Blended Rates, Variations and Invoicing Workshop on 6 September 2012.

Please read the letter attached from Jon Tomlinson outlining what you can do to ensure you are ready for the launch of the Home Support Framework Agreements.

The letter below is an update on the current position of the launch of the Adults and Communities Framework Agreements

Here is the briefing on self-assessments given to Providers at the workshops held on 20th July 2012

Here is the powerpoint presentation that was given to providers at the workshop on Friday 20th July 2012.

Please see attached powerpoint presentation that was given to providers at the micro-tendering workshops on the 12th/13th June 2012

Letters from Jon Tomlinson to keep you advised on the current situation with framework agreements.

Framework Implementation Letter - Update - 27 March 2012

Framework implementation letter - 24 Feb 2012

Application Period:

Please see six attached documents below pertaining to the Framework agreement.

The Framework is an open agreement between the provider and the council. Applications can be received any time during the course of the agreement.

Below is the link for the City Council's tendering portal:

Please find below the framework terms and conditions, along with the contract schedules, some useful FAQs, public cabinet report and proposed self assessment questionnaires.