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Making It Real

Making it Real Kitemark "We are working towards the commitments outlined in Making it Real - marking progress towards personalisation and community-based support"

Making it Real

Adults and Communities, in partnership with its Citizen-led Quality Boards have signed up to be part of the Think Local, Act Personal 'Making it Real' programme. This is a way of checking how well Adults and Communities are doing in offering support that is individual to the person and that they have choice and control over the care they receive.

'Making it Real' is based on statements developed by people who use services that express what people want to see and experience in adult social care services.

It helps organisations to:
• look at what they're doing at the moment and check to see how well they are doing
• see which areas need to be better and come up with plans for action, and
• let others know how they're doing - especially the local community and the people they serve.

We have been working with people who use our services and carers to agree 3 'Making it Real' priority work areas which are based on the following 3 "I" statements:

1. Information and Advice:
"I have access to easy-to-understand information about care and support which is consistent, accurate, accessible and up to date".

2. Active and supportive communities:
"I have access to a range of support that helps me to live the life I want and remain a contributing member of my community".

3. Workforce:
"I have access to a pool of people, advice on how to employ them and the opportunity to get advice from my peers".

See our Making it Real action plan for details of how we have been getting on with working together (co-production) on these three areas.

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