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Direct payments: Quarterly return declaration

Every three months, you must read and fill in the quarterly return declaration. If you do not do this, we may stop paying your direct payments.

When you have filled this in, you need to send it to us with copies of your bank statements covering the three months. Next to the amounts on the statements, write what they are for (such as wages, income tax payments or bills for care). Please read the leaflet Direct payments: Managing your financial records (in particular pages 10 and 11) for more information.

For an example of how you should mark your bank statement, there is a sample bank statement on page 15 of the 'Direct payments: Managing your financial records' leaflet. If you have a shared account with your partner, you will need to show which amounts relate to your direct payments.

Why do I need to fill in a quarterly return declaration?

If you have more or less than the equivalent of six weeks’ worth of direct payments in your care payment account, you will need to tell us the reasons for this. It might be that the money is for your income tax payment, employer insurance, holiday pay for your employees, bills you haven’t paid yet, cheques that haven’t cleared, or because you have recently employed a new personal assistant.

However, it may also mean that your support plan needs to be reviewed. A social care worker will look at your support plan again and may change the amount of the direct payments. If your social care worker thinks you are receiving too much money for the care you need, they will ask you to pay back the money you have not needed to spend.

Where do I send my quarterly return declarations to?

You should send the filled-in declaration and bank statements to this address.

Direct Payments
PO Box 16468
B2 2DS

Phone: 0121 303 4574

Fax. 0121 303 3398

Email: adults_direct_payments@birmingham.gov.uk

You can also fax the form and bank statements to us on the number above.

You can only e-mail the declaration to us if you can scan the form and bank statements. You will need to sign the form.

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