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To see our new adult social care 'information and advice' website and give us feedback about it, please click here.

Talk to us about our adult social care services

Your views and experiences of the services we provide for adults in Birmingham are important to us. Whether you are a service user, a carer or someone who is planning on using our services, we want you to be involved in how we improve our existing adult social care services and develop new ones.

We have already started to change the way we provide services. You can find out more about this on our Did You Know? page, which tells you how we are making personalisation work for people who use adult social care services in Birmingham.

How can I take part?

We are always looking for ways to make it easier for you to talk to us. For example, you can take part in:

  • public meetings and consultations
  • surveys, by post or using on of our online questionnaires
  • telephone surveys
  • working as a volunteer at one of our events around the city.

Involving Citizens in Adult Social Care

Do you want to help with work to improve adult social care in Birmingham? If you are a Birmingham Citizen, we would like to hear from you, particularly if you are a disabled person or you care for friends or family members.

We believe that the people that use our services, as well as those who might need them in the future, have expertise that can help us make things work better. As a team, we support and develop partnership working between our staff and citizens.

In partnership with disabled people and carers, there is a range of work going on, some short term with a specific goal, and other work that is ongoing. We can tailor your involvement to fit in with the time you are able to give and the areas that interest you.

Below are some of the ways you can get involved

We have two boards:

• one looks at the Quality of our social work assessment service and
• The work of our commissioners.

To find out more and Join the Citizens Led Quality Boards:

Look at what we are doing in ‘Making it Real’

Become our friend on Facebook

Join the Direct Payments Facebook Group

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Do you want more Information?

Please contact:
Customer Care & Citizen Involvement Team
Freepost Plus: RSYS-HKBC-XBLA
PO Box 16465
Birmingham B2 2DG
Email: ci@birmingham.gov.uk

More information

To find out more, or if you have a comment, compliment or complaint, please contact us. You do not have to use a stamp for the Freepost address below. You do not usually have to pay for calls made to the Freephone number, unless you are phoning from a mobile phone.

Talk to us

Customer Care and Citizen Involvement Team
PO Box 16465
Freepost Plus: RSYS-HKBC-XBLA
B2 2DG

Freephone: 0800 953 1002

Phone: 0121 303 5161

Fax: 0121 303 7208

Email: customercareteam@birmingham.gov.uk

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