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Services for people who are deaf or hard hearing

What services do we provide?

Our services for adults who are deaf or hard of hearing are provided by BID Services (Birmingham Institute for the Deaf). These services include an assessment of your care needs by a social care worker and support to manage the care you receive.

Please contact BID Services direct for more information.

Who are the services for?

Our services are for any adult in Birmingham aged 18 or over who is, or who cares for someone who is, deaf, deafened or hard of hearing.

How do I get the service?

Firstly, you will need to speak to a BID social care worker and tell them what your care needs are. Their contact details are below.

If you need an assessment of your social care needs, the BID worker will arrange this with you. The assessment helps us to decide whether you are eligible for our services, and if so, how much money we will provide to pay for them. This money is called your Individual budget.

Is there a charge?

We do have to charge for some of our services, including some types of equipment. If you have to pay for some of all of your services, some of the money may come from your Individual budget. We will talk to you about this when we have assessed your care needs.

Contact details

For more information about services for adults who are deaf or hard of hearing, please contact BID by

  • letter or visit:

BID services
The Deaf Cultural Centre
Ladywood Road
B16 8SZ

  • phone (voice): 0121 246 6100
  • minicom: 0121 246 6101
  • fax: 0121 2466125
  • email: info@bid.org.uk.

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