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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Important information about Home Care and Night Care Services

Our standards

Our Home Care and Night Care Services are registered services regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). CQC inspection reports, which say how well we meet their standards, are on the Care Quality Commission website or you could ask us for a copy.

We aim to:

  • give you the best possible service. Home care organisers regularly visit all our customers and our managers routinely visit a sample of our customers to ask them what they think of our services
  • give you support in a way that respects your individual needs and
  • support you to stay in your home by helping you do as much for yourself as possible, but we will not expect you to do more than you can.

We make sure that:

  • our staff are appropriately trained and supported so that they can give you care that is safe and of a high quality
  • we follow national guidance on keeping vulnerable adults safe. We will always report circumstances that we believe suggest a vulnerable adult is at risk of harm
  • we will keep a record of the support we give you each day in a communication book kept at your home and
  • we will give you the telephone number and e-mail address of your home care organiser.

Data Protection

We follow the Data Protection Act 1998 and we will only share information about you with people who provide your care. For more information, visit www.birmingham.gov.uk/dataprotection.


All our home care and night care staff carry a Birmingham City Council Identification badge. It has their photo on it, and they should show it to you before coming into your home.


It is illegal to smoke at work. As your home is the home care assistant’s work place, they are not allowed to smoke there.

We ask you to show consideration for the health of our staff by not smoking while they are in your home and for at least 30 minutes before they arrive.

What should I do if:

  • my home care assistant is late or does not visit?

We try to make sure that we always visit you as agreed in your support plan and on time. Sometimes this might not be possible. If this is the case we will always try to contact you beforehand.

If you have not heard from us and you are worried because your carer is late, please contact your home care organiser as soon as possible.

During office hours (8:45am to 5:15pm, Mondays to Thursdays and 8:45am to 4:15pm on Fridays) you should phone your home care organiser. Your home care organiser's phone number is your support plan, and should be on the back page of the Home Care and Night Care Services leaflet that we left with you.

Outside office hours please ring our Out of Hours service on 0121 464 5001.

  • I am going to be away from home when my home care assistant is due to visit?

It is very important that you let us know if you are not going to be at home when we are due to visit.

If you don’t tell us and there is no reply when we visit, we may assume you are hurt or in danger. We would then have to ask the police for emergency help to enter your home.

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