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Funerals and protection of property

Help with funeral arrangements

Like all local councils, we have a statutory duty to arrange the burial or cremation of people who die within the council boundary, where there is no one else willing or able to arrange the funeral.

When a person has died in hospital, we sometimes have an agreement with the Health Authority or Primary Care Trust to arrange the funeral. The hospital should be contacted to see if they have this agreement with us.

What service do we provide?

We arrange the funeral of anyone who has died within the Birmingham City Council boundary, when there is no one else willing or able to arrange it. We do our best to make sure the funeral is as close as possible to the known wishes of the deceased (the person who has died), including their religious and cultural background.

If the deceased has no estate (no money or property held after death), we arrange a simple funeral within the city boundary. We let the family, carers and friends know the date, time and place of the funeral, so they can attend. We will use our contracted funeral director, C Bastock Limited.

We can also provide support and advice to people who have not experienced bereavement before or feel that they may need help in arranging a funeral.

We will make sure that the preparations for the funeral and the funeral service are carried out in a dignified and sensitive way, taking into account any religious and cultural requirements.

Choice of funeral

We can offer a choice of funeral, including a private funeral, if there is enough money in the deceased's estate to pay for it.

If the deceased has left enough money or property, we can arrange the private funeral as close as possible to their known wishes or the wishes of their family, carers or friends. We will use our contracted funeral director unless:

  • the deceased stated in writing that they wanted a particular funeral director and
  • the funeral director that they chose has already been paid.

Who can get this service?

We provide a service on behalf of the deceased, if they died within the Birmingham City Council boundary and there is no one else willing or able to arrange their funeral.

Is there a charge for this service?

Where there is an estate (money or property held after death), we may make an administrative charge for work we have carried out and for the cost of the funeral.

More information and contact details

For more information about help with funeral arrangements, please read the leaflet at the end of this page, or contact us.

Write to:

Funerals and Protection of Property Section
PO Box 16519
Birmingham B2 2FJ

Phone: 0121 675 7129 or 0121 675 2298

You can contact us by phone during normal office hours, which are:

  • 8.45am to 5.15pm from Monday to Thursday, and
  • 8.45am to 4.15pm on Friday.

Fax: 0121 303 8456

Email: funerals.and.protection.of.property@birmingham.gov.uk

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Other websites

C Bastock Ltd Funeral Directors: http://www.cbastock.co.uk/

You can phone C Bastock Ltd on 0121 772 0343 at any time in the day or night, and on any day of the year including Christmas Day.


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