Garden waste sack

Your garden waste sacks are usually collected on the opposite week to your boxes on the same day as your refuse

As a result of the council’s need to save £102million in the 2013/14 financial year, rolls of bags will no longer be provided from the end of March 2013. From that point, households will therefore need to purchase their own bags (available from most supermarkets and many other stores) to participate in the service.

Please leave your sacks open so the crews can see what is inside. If you use all your sacks please buy some more green sacks. If you have a lot of green waste you can also use cardboard boxes (open please, so that we can see inside) or tie the waste up in bundles with cotton string or jute twine. If you have a lot of branches to get rid of please tie them together in bundles and leave next to your sacks

If you are unsure about when your collection weeks are, please call 0121 303 1112.

What can I put in my green sacks?

Yes please:

No thanks:

If in doubt, phone and find out on: 0121 303 1112


You can also get rid of organic waste from your garden and kitchen by composting. You can buy a compost bin starting from £14.50 plus delivery.

Household Recycling Centres:

Birmingham has five Household Recycling Centres. You can recycle many items at these sites including timber, hardcore and rubble, building materials, wood and timber and household waste.

Birmingham City Council current offers 2 other doorstep recycling schemes:

Green box- Glass bottles and jars, food and drinks cans, plastic bottles

Blue box- Paper and card