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London [Street?] Novem 17 1809
Dear Sir
By the Will of my late uncle, of which I annex a copy, I am now in possession of more than seven thousand pounds in my own right and I hold of Mr Bainbridge one of the Executors named in the Will four thousand pounds more and I expect I shall have no difficulty in arranging with him for the retention of this sum he being at this time in possession of the assets in Jamaica amounting to more than 5,000 of the Money of that Island now mine, subject only, to the payment of trivial debts and the Legacies + which to avoid the Duties, will be paid there:- under this change of my circumstances and unchanged myself in regard to my devotion to business to the transaction of yours in this City in preference to any other. I hope you will not think me premature or unreasonable in asking you to change the name and character of my agency. My views in life are moderate and my habits too well well confirmed to admit of any material change to be respectable in the very circumscribed Circle of my friends, to make my Children useful members of the Community, and to preserve your esteem and confidence, are among the very first wishes of my Dear Sirs
Your ever obliged + faithful Serv.
Jno Woodward

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