Making Information Accessible to People with Disabilities

“The Right to Receive the Right Information at the Right time”

Under the Disability Discrimination Act 1999, employers and providers of services are required to ensure that information and services are equally available to people with disabilities.

Our Accessible Information Officer, will offer you advice on how to make your important information accessible to people with disabilities.

There are many simple formats that will make information more available.

Recordings, large print, raised print or Braille will assist people with sight impairment. British Sign Language and BSL English will assist Deaf people.

Our guide: “Tell All – A Practical Guide to Inclusive Communications” –

Is available as a book or audio CD . This guide has been produced to

help service providers to communicate clearly in a way that does not

exclude people with disabilities or particular needs. Topics include using

plain language, preparing text for Braille printing, commissioning sign

language or foreign language interpreters, using telephones and text

phones, setting up induction loops etc.

For correct use of Loop Systems and Microphones, see attached document below.

As well as providing all of these facilities we can also transcribe text into MOON.

We can also give you help and tips on how design information and configure IT software and hardware to meet individuals’ needs.

Call us for free advice on +44 (0) 121 303 1617