Bereavement Services - Customer Charter
We provide quality services for our Service Users

What our service users can expect:

We will ensure that the following are clearly displayed or available:

• The Cemeteries and Crematoria Fees and Charges

• Opening and Closing Times

• Information about the Service

In addition:

• We will annually benchmark our service against like service providers

• We will provide a caring and sensitive service to the bereaved, which recognises their needs without unfairness or discrimination

• Service users' opinions are valued and your comments, complaints or compliments are welcomed. We are constantly striving to improve and develop the services, which we offer to meet future needs

• We will respond to complaints or enquiries within 15 working days

• We will endeavour to ensure that all employees are competent, will attend customer service courses, will be pleasant, courteous, smart in appearance and wear name badges

• We will endeavour to ensure that a burial or cremation service is organised and carried out in a dignified and respectful manner supported by competent, professional and caring employees in accordance with the Federation of Burial and Cremation Code of Cremation Practice

• We will carry out each cremation on the same day as the service

• We consult with all of our service users after every service and monitor feedback from our service users' surveys and publish the information upon the Birmingham City Council website

• We will provide information regarding our services that is clear and easy to understand

• We will provide information in different languages where requested

• We will process and install after cremation memorial applications within 12 weeks of receipt of order

• We will endeavour to process grave memorial permit applications within three weeks of receipt

Local Services Directorate Customer Charter

- We aim to meet our current standards for timeliness of service and publish performance against these targets.

- We aim to meet our current standards for quality of service and publish against these targets.

- We aim to identify customer needs at the first point of contact and ensure an appropriate person is able to deal with the enquiry.

- We aim to deal with all enquiries in a polite and courteous manner treating customers with respect, dignity and expect that staff will be treated in the same manner.

- We aim to identify ourselves to you when you contact us and let you know how your enquiry will be dealt with.

- Where service is not completed at the first point of contact we aim to update you on progress.

- We aim to ensure that the information we give you is accurate, relevant and easy to understand.

- We aim to help you as far as we can to access our services.

- We aim to continuously develop and improve services and therefore welcome your feedback which you can provide through the Birmingham City Council website.

Bereavement Services - You Said We Did

"The sound system at Lodge Hill was inadequate for people to hear"

"The vicar could have done with some sort of microphone in situ as some people had difficulty hearing the service. The committal could have done with less noise at coffin descending, overall a lovely service and well organised"

Following a number of comments raised in relation to the sound system in the chapel at Lodge Hill Crematorium a new sound system has now been installed including external speakers.


"When you exit the crematorium at Lodge Hill you go to a paved area which is dull and lifeless"

Floral displays are located in the floral tribute area and throughout the immediate vicinity more colour and interest to the area.


"Whilst walking around Handsworth Cemetery I noticed a WW2 garden, it seemed a pity for the gates etc to appear worn / neglected, worth a revamp and maybe put in some seats. Also on allotment side there seems to be a build up of litter"

Employees at Handsworth Cemetery have regenerated the WW2 garden and regularly clear the litter.


"There is not enough room for the display of floral tributes after the service and insufficient hymn books at Sutton Coldfield Crematorium"

The Floral Tribute area has been extended and additional hymn books provided


"There are not enough flower vases for families to place cut flowers in the cloisters area - Sutton Coldfield Crematorium"

Additional vases have been provided



Brandwood End Cemetery
"Members of staff were very respectful"
"Employee couldn't have been more respectful and caring"
"Very impressed that everything went ahead in the snow"

Handsworth Cemetery
"Service is excellent"
"Staff who attended were very respectful"
"Day after funeral flowers had been thoughtfully laid on grave, this meant a lot to the family"

Kings Norton Cemetery
"Wanted to say thank you to staff at Kings Norton, they have a lovely kind attitude"
"Your service is excellent, if only other elements of Birmingham City Council provided services to your standards"
"I was very happy on both occasions; I would like to thank the staff for their hard work"

Kings Norton - Primrose Meadow, Natural Burial Glade
"As soon as you walk into Primrose Meadow you instantly feel calm - it is so tranquil"

Quinton Cemetery
"The employee was excellent and everything was prepared to a high standard"
"Snow and ice was cleared off the road to the plot on the site, I was very grateful, thank you"

Lodge Hill Cemetery and Crematorium
"The service and chapel met our expectations, thank you"
"Very happy with service and extremely happy with burial of ashes"
"It was a great service and send off for my mother, thank you all so much"

Witton Cemetery
"Treated with sensitivity and respect by staff"
"All done professionally and thanks to you all"

The Cemeteries and Crematoria will be open to visitors:

Saturdays, Sundays, Weekdays & Public Holidays 08:30-16:00hrs 10:00-1600hrs

January, December, February, March, April 08:30-16:00hrs 10:00-1600hrs

October, November
May, June, July, August, September 08:30-16:30hrs 10:00-17:00hrs