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Title: Blackwater

Author: Conn Iggulden

Reviewer: Dennis Lovatt

Date of Publication: 2006

Date of Review: 18 October 2009


Written in the 1st person this is a short and pacy read. It's the story of a Davey. A bit of a wimp who has always lived in the shadow of his older brother and an unfaithful wife who no longer even tries to hide her affairs with other men. Besides, she always returns home before dawn. " After all, a hotel morning is just bad breath, crumpled clothes and a full English breakfast with too much salt and burned coffee."Davey's brother will stop at nothing to protect his younger brother. So when Davey is beaten up by his wife's latest lover, the elder brother steps in to take control, in the only way he knows - with violence."Blackwater" is one of a series of brief books called Quick Reads. These are books written by established authors but aimed at adults with little time to read or who have fallen out of the reading habit."Blackwater" is a cold and dark thriller with a quirky twist at the end. It will appeal especially to male readers.