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Birmingham to fly resilience flag

Birmingham to fly resilience flag

Efforts made by Birmingham City Council to improve the resilience of citizens will be promoted at the Emergency Services Show 2009, which runs on November 24-25.

The Birmingham Resilience Team are set to have a stand at the event, being staged at Stoneleigh Park in Coventry, which will be used to showcase its work with communities in times of need – which can range from city centre evacuations to floods to pandemics like swine flu.

Team members will be joined by representatives from HTK, a messaging service provider, which has formed a partnership with the BRT to create a database of community contacts that can be reached when warnings need to be issued.

Steve Grogan, Head of the BRT, will be amongst the keynote speakers on November 25, and is due to talk about how the BRT has and is taking its resilience work to a new level so that the challenges of the 21st Century – both manmade and natural – can be best dealt with.

Steve said: "In Birmingham we strongly believe that to strengthen the resilience of the nation’s second city we have to be brave enough to go beyond the traditional boundaries of working that are traditionally trodden by many Local Authority Emergency Planning Services.

"Fortunately our resilience partners (West Midlands Police and Fire Services and the Birmingham PCT’s) also have our belief, passion and the will to break new ground.

"We are always keen to look at how we can take our efforts in Birmingham to the next level as this is essential if we are to mitigate the numerous threats and hazards we face in the current day and age.

"Over a short period of time the BRT has become the hub for all aspects of multi-agency resilience work in the city and is now working with partners to do just this."

One initiative currently being developed is that of the BRT being the ‘mode’ for escalating emergency notification information and messages for the emergency services.

This will provide a single point of contact for emergency notification information to be immediately cascaded to partner agencies, relieving the lead responding service of this time and resource intensive task.


Notes to editors

1. The Birmingham Resilience Team is a multi-agency emergency planning team and was formed in April 2008. The team is based around the former City Council Emergency Planning & Business Continuity Unit with attachments from the West Midlands Police and Fire Services, and also a health representative sponsored by the three Birmingham Primary Care Trusts.

2. Primary objectives of the BRT are to enhance and accelerate the development and more importantly the implementation of Birmingham multi-agency emergency plans and arrangements (including training and exercises). The BRT also works to facilitate the linking up and integration, in a tangible, realistic and sustainable way the diverse range of resilience work that each of the individual organisations (Local Authority, Police, Fire, Health) are engaged in.

3. For more information on HTK, visit http://www.htk.co.uk/

4. For more information on the event, visit http://www.theemergencyservicesshow2009.com/

5. For more information on the Birmingham Resilience Team, visit http://www.birminghamprepared.gov.uk/

For further information contact Kris Kowalewski on 0121 303 3621.

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  • Issue date: 20 November 2009