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Quaker building is a Birmingham eco beacon

Quaker building is a Birmingham eco beacon

A grant from The Veolia Environmental Trust is enabling Cotteridge Quaker Meeting take the next step in ensuring their meeting house on Watford Road produces zero carbon emissions by 2010 – acting as an eco beacon for Birmingham in the process.

Once they have implemented their planned changes, the Meeting could save from the atmosphere almost the same amount of carbon as is produced by two round flights from Birmingham to Australia.

Over five years the Quakers have turned the building into a warm box. Solid walls have been dry lined, fifty large windows have been double glazed, and five air-source heat-pumps have replaced thirteen electric storage heaters. Energy saving lights have also replaced eighteen 150W spotlights. As a result, by spring 2009 the building had cut 59% of its energy use.

Cllr Paul Tilsley, Deputy Leader of Birmingham City Council, whose portfolio covers climate change and sustainability, has led the praise for the pioneering project.

He said: "We have a clear commitment to reducing the city’s emissions by 60 per cent by 2026, so the efforts of the Quaker community offer a shining example for other organisations of all sizes to follow."

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