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‘Wonderwall’ pair given 2 year ASBOs

‘Wonderwall’ pair given 2 year ASBOs

Two men who stood outside various pubs and restaurants in Moseley and repeatedly sang Oasis’s ‘Wonderwall’ before harassing people for money have been handed down 2 year Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBO) at Birmingham Magistrates Court today, following joint action by Birmingham City Council and West Midlands Police.

James Ryan (40) of Dollery Drive, Edgbaston and Andrew Cave (39) of no fixed address, sang and begged for money during most nights over the last eighteenth months. Their ‘performance’ would begin early in the evening and typically last until 3am. Demands for money were routinely made throughout the evening and the pair also waited outside taxi ranks and cashpoints along St Mary’s Row, which alarmed Birmingham residents going about their daily business or trying to enjoy an evening out.

Today’s Order prohibits Cave from entering almost all parts Moseley, whilst Ryan has been banned from entering Mosley village. Cave has been banned from playing a musical instrument in Moseley whilst Ryan has been banned from playing in Moseley Village. Both of them have been completely banned from begging in England and Wales.

The duo would continuously play Oasis’s ‘Wonderwall’ with Ryan playing the acoustic guitar, whilst Cave accompanied him by banging on dust bin lids or whatever other surface he was stood nearby. On rare occasions they also performed George Michael’s ‘Faith’. The money they acquired is believed to fund their drug use.

As well as creating excessive noise, fights would often break out between groups of people making their way home from a night out which contributed to further anti social behaviour in the area. The Council’s Birmingham Anti Social Behaviour Unit stepped in to solve the problem after one resident made over 60 complaints to police about the pair and residents collectively decided enough was enough.

In response to the verdict, Councillor Ayoub Khan, Cabinet Member for Local Services and Community Safety, said: “I'm pleased that visitors and residents of Moseley will no longer be subject to this duo's anti social behaviour. The council’s BASBU officers have worked in partnership with the local community and the police so that our citizens can go out in Moseley without the hassle of being harassed for money or subject to excessive noise."

Further information from Belinder Kaur Lidher on 0121 303 6969.

  • Category: Local Services
  • Reference number: BL-343-LSCS
  • Issue date: 26 August 2009