Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Your estate

We want all our tenants to live in a clean and tidy neighbourhood that they can feel proud of.
Our caretaking and cleaning services help with this by looking after the communal areas in our high-rise and some of our low-rise blocks. You can find out more about your caretaking and cleaning service by taking a look at the noticeboard in the lobby area of your block.

Rubbish, recycling and unwanted items

Do your bit to keep your neighbourhood tidy by disposing of your rubbish and litter properly and not leaving litter or unwanted items on the street or public land.

We do not provide a free bulky waste collection service. Please take your unwanted items to a council tip or book a bulky waste collection.
Leaving unwanted items or rubbish on public land is called flytipping and is an offence. We will investigate and take action against those responsible.

Your caretaking service

  • Our team of caretakers keeps the communal or shared areas of high-rise blocks of flats clean and tidy.
  • Our 'neighbourhood caretakers' work on improving the neighbourhood and environment for residents in a number of areas across the city.
  • 'Neighbourhood cleaners' work with neighbourhood caretakers and deliver a cleaning service to the communal or shared areas of some high-rise and some low-rise blocks.

How do I contact the caretaker for my area during normal working hours?

You may see your caretaker working in your neighbourhood, they wear a uniform and ID badge at all times. Your caretaker will be happy to answer your questions and hear your concerns.

You can also look at the information on the notice board in the lobby area of your block. This will give you contact details for your caretaker and other information you may find helpful.

Is there are charge for the caretaking or cleaning service?

There is a service charge which is shown in your rent statement. Leaseholders are also charged for this service.

I live in a low-rise block of flats. How can I find out if I get the cleaning service and who provides it?

You may see your cleaners working in your neighbourhood, they wear a uniform and ID badge at all times. Their vehicles also display their logo and telephone numbers.

There should also be information displayed in your block about the service, including who provides it and who to contact if there is a problem.

What do the cleaners do?

Our cleaning service looks after the communal areas in and around some high-rise and low-rise blocks.

We also provide an emergency cleaning service, including outside of normal working hours.

Can I get involved in monitoring the standard of my caretaking and cleaning service?

Yes you can – there are lots of ways for tenants to get involved in how services are delivered. Some examples include:

  • conducting walkabouts/assessments
  • Joining local residents groups
  • Attending local events and open days

We are always looking for tenants to share their views with us. To find out more visit www.birmingham.gov.uk/getinvolved.