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Walking Strategy

This walking strategy sets out the combination of city wide policies and focused initiatives that are required to bring about the Visions objective of providing safe, people friendly streets. Visions recognises that reliance on the car for many types of personal journeys is not always sustainable and that good quality alternatives for certain key journey types must be developed and promoted. For the first time in Birmingham, Visions presented a transport hierarchy headed by pedestrians, to be used where choices need to be made between priorities of transport.

  • To reduce the amount of short journeys made by private car through encouraging a modal shift to walking.
  • To set out the role that walking can play in meeting the transportation needs of residents and visitors.
  • To assist in meeting health improvement targets by developing walking as a key public health initiative.
  • To promote the role of walking for leisure, environmental and personal security benefits.
  • Through a linked action plan, to assist in the delivery of city and national strategies.
  • To propose a methodology for setting targets, monitoring progress and reviewing achievements.

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