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Vehicle Removals

Vehicle removal is an additional parking enforcement measure introduced to combat illegal parking in Birmingham.

Which vehicles will be removed?

Vehicles may be removed if they are parked in contravention of the restrictions on street or in one of the council's pay and display car parks. The following are some examples of the contraventions for which vehicles may be towed away:

  • Parked in a position likely to cause danger to other road users, including at or near a junction.
  • Parked in a manner that may cause serious obstruction to emergency services, traffic or pedestrians.
  • Parked in a way that obstructs a bus lane, bus stop, suspended parking place or access to or from premises.
  • Parked on an urban clearway during peak periods.
  • Parked during the hours of a loading ban.
  • Parked in a place for which the vehicle is not authorised, eg a bay for disabled people, without displaying an Orange/Blue badge.
  • Parked outside any bay markings.

How Vehicles Are Removed

  • Once a Penalty Charge Notice has been issued the Civil Enforcement Officer will let the removals team know if the vehicle should be removed.
  • The Civil Enforcement Officer with the removal contractor will take photographs that can be used as evidence in the event of a dispute.
  • The Removal Contractor also completes a vehicle condition report, which is an independent record of the condition of the vehicle before it is removed.
  • The contractor's vehicle pound attendant checks the vehicle on arrival to see that it conforms to the the vehicle condition report.

How to get your vehicle back

Our removal contractors contact information is available below:

NSL Vehicle Pound
Wolseley Drive
B8 2SQ

Operational Hours:
Mon-Fri: 9am-5.30pm
Sat: 9am-12 noon
Sun: Closed

Telephone Number: 0121 634 1659 (Please only call this number if your vehicle has been removed as this is an operational base number for the pound only).

When the Pound is closed - telephone contact can also be made during the following times:

Mon-Fri: 7am-9am and 5.30pm-11pm
Sat: 12 noon-11pm
Sun: 9am-6pm

You will have to make the following payments before retrieving your vehicle: The Penalty Charge, the removal fee of £105.00 and a storage charge of £12.00 per day which will commence from midnight on the day after the day of removal.

You will have to provide proof of ownership of the vehicle together with two forms of identification one of which must be a photographic form of identification, before the vehicle can be released.

You will be invited to inspect your vehicle's condition before leaving the pound.

You will be given details of: the grounds and procedure to make comments to the council (a 'representation') as to why your vehicle should not have been towed away; and how to appeal to the Parking Adjudicator if the council disagrees (your representation is rejected).