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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Voluntary and Community Sector Funding Information

Birmingham City Council is committed to being more open and transparent about the decisions which affect Birmingham's citizens.

The Voluntary and Community Sector Funding Report contains details of funding payments BCC has made to voluntary and community sector organisations.

Updates will be published on this page on a quarterly basis;

  • Quarter 1 - Data to 30 June will be published in August
  • Quarter 2 - Data to 30 September will be published in November
  • Quarter 3 - Data to 31 December will be published in February
  • Quarter 4 - Data to 31 March will be published in May (this will be the year-end publication)

Published data from 01 April 2012 is drawn directly from our grants payment system.

Please refer to the attached guidance documents, which should help you to understand the published data and provide useful additional context.

If you have any comments or questions about the publication please contact us by email at GMSAdministrator@birmingham.gov.uk

Please note that the attachments on this page are best viewed using Microsoft Explorer.

Bringing Consistency, Transparency and Equity Through a Single Process...

The Grant Funding Guidance & Toolkit

The purpose of the Grant Funding Guidance & Toolkit is to:

  • support Birmingham City Council's statutory duty to safeguard children and vulnerable adults,
  • ensure value for money, and,
  • enable the process to be consistent, transparent and fair.

The latest version and guidance can be found at: www.thirdsector@birmingham.gov.uk

 VCSF Report April 2014 (Size: 249 Kb Type: xlsx )

Copyright: Birmingham City Council

 VCSF Report April 2014 (Size: 363 Kb Type: csv )

Copyright: Birmingham City Council

 PDF VCSF Guidance - Contents (Size: 196 Kb Type: PDF )

Copyright: 2012 Birmingham City Council

 PDF VCSF Guidance - FAQ (Size: 302 Kb Type: PDF )

Copyright: 2012 Birmingham City Council